Yes, the official IHSC 2018 language is English. Only abstracts and presentations written in English language will participate in the Conference.
The requirements for the abstract and the structure of the presentation can be found on our website -https://ihsc.smd.lt/participation/.
Yes, during the Conference, a poster session will be held. Additionally, you can find poster requirements in the following link - https://ihsc.smd.lt/participation/.
No, registration fee, which lets you to participate in IHSC 2018, is required to be paid once by anyone from the group. Others are not required to pay for the abstract submission, but are more than welcome to become passive participants.
Attendants, who will pay for a passive participation, will get a Welcome pack, participation certificate and will have a chance to attend the Workshops. Attendants, who will become an active participant, will not only receive a Welcome pack, certificate and ability to attend exciting Workshops, but also will get a chance to present their abstract in one of the Sessions (provided the result of abstract acceptance will be received by then), and to participate in a fancy Gala dinner, in addition to other social programs.
No, only one revision will be made per one abstract. During the revision, 3 experts of the field will evaluate the abstract’s relevance, the quality of the methods used, and the significance of the results. The Scientific Committee decision is final and will not be appealable. Abstracts, which do not meet the requirements, will not be accepted for the IHSC 2018, and there will be no refund of the payment.
Of course! The IHSC 2018 is open to everyone who is interested to listen to peer researchers!